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Hot Trends in Corporate Recruiting


Hiring Trends, HR | March 7, 2014

It’s been a common perception that recruiters or headhunters will not be necessary as recruitment moves online and job boards like Monster and networks like Linkedin emerge, but often it’s had the opposite effect.  My business has continued to grow and thrive even with more internal recruiter competition and access to top candidates.  This article […]

12 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Head of Sales


CPG, Hiring Trends, Sales | November 9, 2012

Here’s some good insight from a VC on hiring a leader for your sales team. 12 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Head of Sales Most of his experience is in software or start-up environments, but it is certainly transferable to the Consumer Product Industry.  I’ve helped many early stage companies hire sales leaders  and […]

Culture is king..Steve Jobs vs. John Sculley

I recently read the Steve jobs biography and one of the most interesting anecdotes was about the highly publicized courting and hire of John Sculley, former Pepsi President. If you want a quick crash course, follow these links from silicon valley and Forbes.  Essentially, Steve Jobs wanted a blue chip marketing all-star from a large […]

Is hiring cheap a mistake?


Hiring Trends, HR | February 7, 2012

Here’s a good article I ran across recently that offers some insight into putting together the “right” offer.  One of the biggest challenges recruiters face right now are companies with unrealistic expectations, they want “A” level talent, but since unemployment is high and talent seems readily available they don’t believe they need to put together […]

Counteroffers: Good, bad, indifferent??

Here’s a great article from Hal Reiter, top CEO headhunter, on accepting counter-offers. If you google “accepting counteroffers” you will find a number of lists explaining the reasons not to accept counters, but this story really paints a picture from a very experienced leader in the recruitment industry versus just being another bullet point […]

Same as it ever was…


Hiring Trends | May 19, 2011

I’m a huge music fan and was recently digging through some of my old vinyl records, yes I collect records and no I’m not 60+ years old.  This particular record caught my eye due to it’s “Mad Men” style cover and I noticed an interesting statement on the back of the record.  It’s a quote from […]

Hiring is picking up…


Hiring Trends | March 16, 2011

We’ve seen quite an increase in hiring demand, specifically in sales support (category management, trade marketing) and brand marketing