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Hiring Trends | May 19, 2011

I’m a huge music fan and was recently digging through some of my old vinyl records, yes I collect records and no I’m not 60+ years old.  This particular record caught my eye due to it’s “Mad Men” style cover and I noticed an interesting statement on the back of the record.  It’s a quote from the Director of Training of an Insurance company and says

“Perhaps our company is unique in its never ending need for qualified stenographers and secretaries, but I doubt it.  One thing could always be counted upon, our demand for them always exceeded the supply.  We now believe we have the answer to this dilemma”

WOW.  A vinyl record was the solution to their companies never ending need to recruit and train talent.  In hindsight I got a great deal on this for $.50 at Value Village considering it was once state-of-the-art corporate training material.  It made me reflect on our current situation with technology and the  never-ending challenges training and recruitment departments face every day.  Every year, I hear there is a new technological recruiting innovation that is going to eliminate the need for recruiters and especially agencies (,,  I haven’t been around that long in the grand scheme of things, but I’m quite sure that headhunters will always exist.  The key is to know your business and bring a real value-add to your client companies, or you can be easily replaced.  I’m glad I found this record to remind me that there have always and will always be hot “new” technologies or processes (RPO) that seem to be the flavor or the day.  A strong headhunter or search firm will always be in demand due to relationships they build over time and people just need to remember that tools (internet, phone, social network) are always important in the process, but ultimately will not replace the human part of the hiring process.  People hire people, databases and social networks exist to make the process easier (believe me I’m a big proponent of technology), but at the end of the day it’s really about understanding intricacies in personality, company culture, etc. that help make a good hire.  It’s never just about matching key words for the appropriate skill set and that’s what keeps me motivated to continue to try and be the best strategic partner I can be.  So, for the time being I’m quite confident that contingeny and retained recruiters won’t be looking for work, I just hope Watson from IBM doesn’t decide to become a recruiter anytime soon 🙂

Here’s the back of vinyl for the record!

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