Counteroffers: Good, bad, indifferent??

Here’s a great article from Hal Reiter, top CEO headhunter, on accepting counter-offers.

If you google “accepting counteroffers” you will find a number of lists explaining the reasons not to accept counters, but this story really paints a picture from a very experienced leader in the recruitment industry versus just being another bullet point list.  I’ve had the counteroffer conversation many times with candidates over the years and always advise against accepting a counter (even when it’s not my deal/client).  Bottom line, if you need to threaten to leave a company to get them to increase your pay or give you the position you deserve then you should have some serious concerns about your company.  Leaving a stable job is always a difficult decision, but if you remember the motivations that caused you to start looking outside you should realize those things aren’t going to change by accepting a counter.


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