Hot Trends in Corporate Recruiting


Hiring Trends, HR | March 7, 2014

It’s been a common perception that recruiters or headhunters will not be necessary as recruitment moves online and job boards like Monster and networks like Linkedin emerge, but often it’s had the opposite effect.  My business has continued to grow and thrive even with more internal recruiter competition and access to top candidates.  This article highlights a number of trends, but it does specifically address outside staffing firms and high value partners, like headhunters.  Also, pay attention to #7, I can’t believe how many companies get this wrong and it makes it nearly impossible to land the best candidate if you have a bad reputation amongst interviewees.

The recruiting process is complicated and varies greatly by role, geography, and industry. The $140 billion talent acquisition industry is filled with experts who want to help you. A whole new breed of high value recruitment partners have sprung up to help you find the right people in critical roles.

Forbes Trends in Recruiting


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